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UN MEETING SEPT 18-19,2023

During the United Nations meeting on September 18-19, 2023, they will be discussing a range of topics that are vital to the future of our global community. These topics include the eradication of poverty and hunger, education for all, healthcare access, gender equality, climate change, and the promotion of peace and justice.


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Republican's Standing Up To Massive Democrat Spending May Cause Government Lockdowns!

The Republican's are firing up and trying to stop the spending that is causing the US Dollar to crash!  They are trying to make the Democratic Party more responsible for their frivolous spending.  This may cause the US Government to shut down during a time of instability and uncertainty with in the White House! 



End Times

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Here you will find updates in the news that correlates with the End Times and End Time Events.

Eclipse's makes an X Over the United States

Solar Eclipse Coming Before The Election In 2024

November 8,2022

The only way we can attempt to try to make a difference is if we go out and cast our vote! This morning I woke up to a beautiful Blood Moon however beautiful as it was it is a harbinger.   This blood moon (opinion) represents what can happen during this election.  It is as if God is sending the watchmen  a message:  If you do not turn from your wicked ways and repent you can lose your freedoms as you know them to be.  I believe that the up and coming total eclipse in 2024 that is to cross America and make an X over our land will be another harbinger as well, meaning America could possible lose a part of its founding Constitution.   If we do not take this seriously we could potentially become divided as a nation.  With the world experiencing birth pangs, famine, crippled economy, lay offs, diesel shortages, fertilizer increases: I believe that the tribulation is knocking at the door.  Even if our former president of the United States is re-elected he still has to face many consequences of the season that we are currently in.  I pray that our former or possibly current US President doesn't help decide to divide the land of Israel.  If this happens I believe that America will also be divided as a nation, that the election will be over turned and favored by the left with all media again like in times past and because of all of the economic trauma, people could possibly divide the land as a result. There will also be a lunar eclipse in 2023 that will cross Texas.   Lets pray for Red to win the Senate and the up and coming election in 2024 that God will extend grace upon us:  See our repentance and heal our land as it is written in 2 Chronicals 7:14.   Please guys go, get up and go vote. It is so important!
LCM-(Opinion) Sjackson

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Is Putin Winning The War In Ukraine?

October 14, 2022


Hunter Biden Has Caused A Huge Up Roar With The Republican Party!

October 15, 2022

     Hunter Biden's lifestyle has made grave headlines throughout the 46th President of The United States Term.  Along with video's of his son smoking crack, with endless prostitutes, and pictures of him asleep with a crack pipe hanging from his mouth it is not surprising that now there is a movie of his life that has come out recently called "My Son Hunter"  In this movie, it is illustrated that he has dealings with Ukraine and China.   Along with his desire to live like a rock star he is being accused of compromising our country along with his father.  If this wasn't bad enough what is obvious is that the press and all media is still trying to repress this information from US citizens.  The FBI has not only hushed this information but they have also suppressed his laptop, and all of his dealings that were found on the devise.  I believe that this alone should have turned the election in Trumps favor.  It raises suspicion that the entire government is corrupt and over looked Hunters behavior during the election in 2020.  Our former president has been subpoenaed for the Jan 6, 2021 riots that took place as the result of the people assuming that the election was fraudulent.  The FBI is stating that because of whistleblowers they are finding that Hunter Biden is guilty of Taxes that were not paid correctly, and a gun purchase according to the media.  The movie that was made about Hunter Biden's life made him out to be a troubled son that couldn't do anything right, had addiction problems and sabotaged his fathers success any chance he could.  I imagine this can be relatable to those who suffer from children that have addiction problems.  The movie also stated that his younger brother died and that hunter never really got over it. According to an article written by Sam Cabral at BBC.COM Quote, "President Trump and his allies have  long alleged that the 52 year old was guilty of wrongdoing, saying his foreign business dealings particularly in China and Ukraine indicate a pattern of corruption."  It is evident that the left along with the FBI has suppressed information that had the potential to change the outcome of the US Presidential election!  The question is will the FBI and the Left be held accountable for their actions if proven?




China Tyrant Xi Oppressing People To The Point Of Suicide!

September 6, 2022

China maintains strict COVID-19 lockdown despite earthquake.

BEIJING (AP) — Authorities in southwestern China’s Chengdu have maintained strict COVID-19 lockdown measures on the city of 21 million despite a major earthquake that killed at least 65 people in outlying areas.  Footage circulating online Tuesday showed workers wearing top-to-bottom protective gear preventing residents of apartment buildings from exiting through locked lobby doors following Monday’s 6.8 magnitude quake centered in the surrounding province of Sichuan.

Buildings in Chengdu and other parts of western China were shaken by the quake. No damage was reported in the city. The quake struck a mountainous area in Luding county, which sits on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau roughly 200 kilometers (125 miles) from Chengdu, where tectonic plates grind up against each other.

Despite only recording a handful of cases, Chengdu’s lockdown is the most severe since China’s largest city of Shanghai was placed in isolation over the summer, prompting rare protests in person and online.

In all, 65 million Chinese in 33 cities including including seven provincial capitals are currently under varying levels of lockdown while the government is discouraging domestic travel during upcoming national holidays.

Outbreaks have been reported in 103 cities, the highest since the early days of the pandemic in early 2020.

Most Chengdu residents are confined to their apartments or residential complexes. In the eastern port city of Tianjin, classes were moved online after a handful of new cases were reported.

China’s authoritarian Communist political system demands strict adherence to measures dictated by the central leadership overwhelmingly dominated by party leader Xi Jinping.

Local leaders, including Sichuan’s recently appointed provincial party secretary, are often parachuted in from Beijing with little knowledge of local conditions and a firm mandate to carry out Xi’s dictates.

The ruthless and often chaotic enforcement of the Shanghai lockdown led to widespread complaints over shortages of food, medication and access to health care. In a sign of how little has changed, at least one district in Chengdu has banned even the ordering of takeout meals and coffee, according to a notice posted on the internet.  China has stuck to its hard-line “zero-COVID” policy of compulsory testing, lockdowns, quarantines and masking despite advice from the World Health Organization and moves by most other countries to open up again since the virus was first detected in the central Chinese city of Wuhan in late 2019.

China on Tuesday reported 1,499 new cases of local infection, most of them asymptomatic. Sichuan accounted for 138 of that total figure.

The quake knocked out power and damaged buildings in the historic mountain town of Moxi in the Tibetan autonomous prefecture of Garze, where 37 people were killed. Tents were erected for more than 50,000 people being moved from homes made unsafe by the quake, the official Xinhua News Agency reported.

State broadcaster CCTV showed rescue crews pulling a woman who appeared uninjured from a collapsed home in Moxi, where many of the buildings are constructed from wood and brick. Around 150 people were reported with varying degrees of injuries.

Another 28 people were killed in neighboring Shimian county on the outskirts of the city of Ya’an. State media reported 248 people injured, mainly in Moxi, and another 16 people missing.

Three of the dead were workers at the Hailuogou Scenic Area, a glacier and forest nature reserve.

Along with the deaths, authorities reported landslides that damaged homes, caused power interruptions and stranded people behind a newly created lake. One landslide blocked a rural highway, leaving it strewn with boulders.

The earthquake and lockdown follow a heat wave and drought that led to water shortages and power cuts due to Sichuan’s reliance on hydropower.

China’s deadliest earthquake in recent years was a 7.9 magnitude quake in 2008 that killed nearly 90,000 people in Sichuan. The temblor devastated towns, schools and rural communities outside Chengdu, leading to a years-long effort to rebuild with more resistant materials.  This is from PBS News Hour:  Associated Press

The tragic thing about all of this is there is a cure.  We have drugs to help relieve the symptoms of pain that is caused by Covid- 19.  Considering this factor of medicine helping Covid Patients and victims it makes me believe that there is an underlying factor for this president to put his people through so much torture! We need to be in prayer for the Chinese.  



Biden Admin To Hire IRS Armed Enforcement!

September 6, 2022

According to the National Interest Web Page it is stated that  Quote, "  Biden Is Hiring an Army of 87,000 IRS Agents? Not So Fast  A popular claim about IRS funding in the Inflation Reduction Act doesn't give the whole picture.

by Stephen Silver

Last week, the Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act, a piece of legislation that contains some remnants of Biden’s 2021-era Build Back Better agenda, including money for climate and an extension of some aspects of the Affordable Care Act.  The bill also allocates a ten-year, $79.6 billion funding boost for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which has been underfunded for years. And one of the key "pay-fors" to fund the legislation is an estimated $124 billion that will be collected through stepped-up IRS tax enforcement.

This has led to a consistent talking point among Republican opponents of the bill: it will lead to the hiring of 87,000 new IRS agents, described in some versions as an “army.”  The Manchin-Schumer bill will create 87,000 new IRS agents to target regular, everyday Americans,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) tweeted earlier this month, adding the all-caps flourish of “STOP BIDEN’S SHADOW ARMY!”

“Do you make $75,000 or less? Democrats’ new army of 87,000 IRS agents will be coming for you—with 710,000 new audits for Americans who earn less than $75k.”

  Just what do these guys plan on doing to Americans that make less than 75,000 a year?  Let's forget how they are all going to be armed and ready to move like a military unit.  More and more of our freedoms are being taken away and we need to step up and try to make a change for the sake of our generations to come! 

LCM- Sjackson

Man Painting a Wall

Californian's Will Have To Buy Battery Operated Vehicles By 2035 Or Face A 20,000 Fine!

September 6,2022

California has decided to pass a law that you will no longer be able to drive gas cars in 2035.  Is this socialism?  Communism?  Are we seeing these things take place in a country that was once free?  No wonder everyone is moving away from the State!  So if you are rich and you can buy that beautiful expensive car that you have always wanted you better guess again or move your hinney to another state!  Where as we do see the need to help clear the air and environment especially in these over populated cities like New York and California to put these kind of mandates on people without the proper research is so unconstitutional.  We should have the right to drive what ever we want to drive, it is our money and our time we give to work and make a living.  
LCM- sjackson


Biden Filling Top Court Positions With Anti Christian Extremist

July 30, 2022

President Joe Biden and his liberal elites are getting ready for a fight for the up and coming elections!                               Biden is putting in extremist and Anti-Christian groups in our court system.  One in particular is Nancy Abudu who has been affiliated with the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Don't let the name fool you.  On the surface it looks like a group to help those pass laws for those living in poverty but this is a huge deception.  According to PNW written in an article by Tony Perkins he suggests that they stopped caring for the poor a long time ago and adopted, "Extreme racism and scam artist that exploit its donors along with extremely sexually harassing employees" Quote.

 Nancy is on her way to becoming a top judge quote, " In one of the most important courts in the country the Senate Judiciary Committee".  Nancy Abudu has a history of targeting conservatives, and Christians, Christian views, along with stirring up hate crimes, and supporting extreme liberal radicalism.   Senator Ted Cruz completely rejected her nomination and confronted her head on.  He said quote, "You have never served as a Judge.  You have spent your entire life as an advocate, as an advocate on the extreme left."  Then Cruz goes on to say ,"When I look at your record, I find it deeply concerning, the Southern Poverty Law Center is a hateful, and extreme place!  Their hate, among other things, has led to horrific violence."  Then he went on to confront her about Christian Organizations with a Biblical world view and asked her if she thought of them as hate groups at which she refused to answer.  Then he confronted her about how he and 3 other conservative republicans ended up on her hate list.  She is known to also be affiliated with the ACLU and the SPLC.  The ACLU has been pushing extreme Gender Equality to the point where Transgender men who claim to be women are being allowed in women prisons.  "Nancy Abudu's affiliation with the SPLC ought to automatically disqualify her for this nomination." Said Cruz.  


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No Sooner Than Boris And Macron Decide to Come Together to Rebuild Europe and Talk About Rebuilding Up The Roman Empire Again:  Boris Johnson Is Asked To Step Down and Resign!!


In an article written by David Hughes

June 29, 2022 Quote

"Prime Minister Boris Johnson greets French President Emmanuel Macron 

Boris Johnson wants a modern recreation of the Roman Empire as a way of achieving co-operation between Europe and its neighbors.

The Prime Minister set out his vision of a partnership that included Turkey and North African states as an alternative plan to Emmanuel Macron’s idea of a European political community.

Mr. Macron said the Prime Minister was interested in his political community vision when the pair met at the G7 summit in Germany, but Mr. Johnson said he wanted a wider grouping.

The French President wants his political community to allow the EU to force closer ties with non-members, such as the UK and the nations of the western Balkans.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron discussed their rival visions for European co-operation when the met at the G7 (Stefan Rousseau/PA) (PA Wire)

But Mr.  Johnson told reporters accompanying him at the Nato summit in Madrid he had a vision based on the Roman “Mare Nostrum” – the Mediterranean Sea and the countries around it.

“Emmanuel has an idea, which I actually claim paternity of this idea,” Mr.  Johnson said.

“I had this idea back when I first became foreign secretary. My view is that we should rebuild the whole concept of … so I think that Turkey should be there, I think that Maghreb should be there, and I think we should basically be recreating the Mare Nostrum of the Roman Empire.

“That’s basically what I think. Of course Ukraine, Turkey, Maghreb, there’s got to be a role for all of us in a wider conversation about issues that affect all of us."

Now with Johnson being forced to resign who will take his place?  How will this effect the future G7 and Macrons ambitions for the EU?  Only time will tell!  It is said that Boris Johnson although a conservative was seen overly drunk at a party and groping some women, along with some other corrupt behavior has brought him down out of his position as Prime Minister.  This was a prophetic sign written within the scriptures that in the End Times the Roman Empire would rise up again.  However Turkey is warming up to Russia and China's meetings recently at the Brics Summit this month.  Will these ambitions continue with Boris resigning?  Only time will tell in the coming year. 

LCM- sjackson


June 20,2022

This news is huge with a capital G.  This is a major change concerning Israel.  It is known that in the past countries would shun Israel and her resources.  For other countries to attempt to use Israel's oil and gas would cause the leading Arab nations to become angry because of the rivalry that has been pressed for centuries thus would cause the leading Arab gas and oil countries to raise their prices up to a whooping 70% increase as they have demonstrated 50 years ago.  When you use Israel's resources you stand with her acknowledging that she is in fact a state and it says to the Arabs that you stand and support her and are on her side.  LAST WEEK the European Commission president announced this special moment in history!  The European Union, Israel, and Egypt are all doing this for the first time ever and have formed a triad of allegiance.  This triad of allegiance is worth over 290 million dollars annually transporting Oil and Gas!  This is prophetic!  How is this prophetic you may ask?  I believe God is strategically moving and organizing end time events.  Israel's economy is becoming a key player within the globe.  I will be doing a study on this and posting it on my You Tube channel for those that are interested in what the Bible has to say about this!   

LCM Sjackson


How Did The United States of America  Get Here with Gender Identity?


     How in the world did Americans get this far with gender Identity?  According to an article by PNW written by Johnathan Van Maren May 19, 2022.

     Wisconsin School Students are being charged with sexual harassment for not properly using school pronouns.  This is the craziest thing that I have ever heard.  Apparently the school is attempting to completely override parents and their decisions over their children in this matter.  This has grave repercussions on the future of Americans and we should not take this lightly.  How can we fight and defend our nation if we are all confused about our identities?  How can the US School system take God out of the schools and put this crap in instead?  We as Americans should be out raged at these policies that our government is pushing on our children.  In this article the Wisconsin School district has filed a Title IX charge against 3 students at Kiel Middle School for simply using the wrong pronouns while speaking to other students.  It is as if this is being forced on our children with out any permission from parents.   I have seen many instances of teachers getting on social media and promoting that they are not female or male when biologically they in fact are.  Teachers should not be allowed to discuss their problems with children.  In stead of teaching them math, science, and English teachers today are coming into the classrooms with a statement about their identity and pushing their agenda on children as small as 5 years old.   European Nations are also pushing this agenda on the children and God has opened up my eyes to this being a global agenda.  NATO is one of the first organizations to promote same sex marriages and gender equality.  This ideology is being pushed abroad.  As ridiculous as this sounds the court decided to side with the parents!!  Reminding the school board of our US Constitution and our right to have free speech.  The article said quote ,"The institute of Wisconsin for Law & Liberty, whose attorneys are defending the three students, agreed , calling the complaint 'inappropriate' and calling for the charges to be dismissed."  Not only did they come up with this conclusion they also suggested that the mere use of biologically correct pronouns not only does not constitute sexual harassment under Title IX .  They recommended that the district drop all charges from these students immediately.  To me this is a fungus that has spread like wildfire with in our nation and with in our school systems that are backed by the US Government.  We as parents should not support this and if we have children with in the school system that are being forced to think like this we should immediately take our children out of public schools to remind our government that We as Americans will not tolerate this behavior any longer.  WE can also sue the government for our constitutional rights!  We need to Push Back Better and say No to all of this outrageous doctrine being forced on our youth as a nation!

LCM- Sjackson


Did You Know?  America Can Become Oppressed By The World Health Organization?


     According to an Article by Peter Hoekstra at the Gates Institute, he has stated that the Biden administration has the ability to over ride our US Constitution by signing an Amendment that has managed to make it to the presidents table.  This Amendment is a very important one and unfortunately you will not hear about it in the news.  The World Health Organization or the WHO are the ones that have been behind and in compliance with the China lockdowns in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Now they (The WHO) are attempting to internationally control the response to any future global pandemic that may arise with strict lockdowns and abusive power of controlling the multitudes.  Peter Hoekstra said Quote, "On May 4th a meticulous report, Biden Handing over US Sovereignty to the  WHO by Peter Breggin MD and Ginger Ross Breggin, raised an alarm.  On May 22-28, 2022, The Biden Administration has proposed amendments to the WHO that will empower the WHO's Director General to declare health emergencies or crises in any nation and to do so unilaterally and against the opposition of the target nation."

     Which means that The World Health Organization  basically wants the US (The Biden Admin) to bow down to their system of controlling the spread of pandemics.  To hear that they are behind some of the harshest lockdowns in China this would become a unilateral oppresser that would globally initiate lockdowns according to their jurisdiction in controlling the pandemics that arise in the future.  This would mean that the World Health Org.  Would have the rights to override our US Constitution and use what ever force necessary to contain future pandemics and the US population,  overriding all of the 50 US States and locking down millions of people to contain and minimize the spread of pandemics. 




China President Locks Down 26 million People To Stop Covid 19 Spread

4/26/22 Update

Covid 19 Spreads to Beijing Despite China's Severe Lockdown's in Shanghai

         China's President Xi Jinping, believes he can stop the virus by insane lockdowns.  After seeing what he has done to Shanghai, it is as if he believes he is more powerful than the virus itself.  Despite his attempts to control Covid 19 along with strict oppression among his people Covid has still managed to spread to Beijing reminding those who believe in God that it is in fact God who is charge.  If God judges a nation his pestilence will spread no matter what man decides to do or attempts to do to stop it.  




The president of China recently locked down the entire city of Shanghai.  He didn't just lock people down he had bolt locks put on the doors where people could not get out of their place of residence.  All pets were confiscated and thrown into the streets into bags where they were later killed.  Children were taken from parents that were infected by covid 19 and put into camps.  It didn't stop there days later people were left to starve and given only rations of food.  You see people jumping out of their buildings and committing suicide because they would rather die than be put under the oppression of the Chinese Government.  This is so sad and it reminds me of the tyrant known as the Antichrist that will rise in the last days.  Both China and Russia are killing and oppressing people of grave proportions.  It is as if they do not have regard for human life.  Is this how the New World Order is going to be?  Will everyone be treated like this?  Only time will tell what is to come for both the Chinese and Ukrainian people.  Lets us be in prayer for them.  LCM- Jackson


 Will Emmanuel Macron become the Emperor of Europe!

July 30, 2022



President Macron has fallen well short of winning the 289 he needed to keep control of the Assembly

Less than two months after he was re-elected president, Emmanuel Macron has lost control of the French National Assembly following a strong performance by a left alliance and the far right.

He had called on voters to deliver a solid majority.

But his centrist coalition lost dozens of seats in an election that has left French politics fragmented.

The prime minister he had only recently appointed, Elisabeth Borne, said the situation was unprecedented.

A storm broke over Paris as she returned to her Matignon residence from a long meeting at the presidential Élysée palace to say that modern France had never seen a National Assembly like this one.

"This situation represents a risk for our country, given the risks we're facing nationally and internationally," she said. "We will work as of tomorrow to build a working majority."

That seems a stretch when the two other biggest groups in the Assembly are not remotely interested in collaboration. Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire was adamant that France was not ungovernable, but said it was going to require a lot of imagination.

Article written by BBC

 I will keep you updated on this situation LCM-Admin.

     According to an article written by Joshua Berlinger on CNN's web page he stated quote, "Macron's pitch to voters of a globalized, economically liberal France at the head of a muscular European Union won out over Le Pen's vision for a radical shift inward."  Le Pen a right wing candidate received 41.5% of the vote which sadly wasn't enough to beat Macron.  Macron is the first president in 20 years to win a second term.  It is suggested that the reason Le Pen lost the election was due to her close relations to Putin and to the majority of France being liberal and wanting global economic reform.  Will Macron be the one to rebuild Europe as predicted in the Bible in the last days?  Only time will tell stay informed for the up and coming European Union Leadership Elections.  It is evident the Macron is on the rise to power!                         


    Jan 4, 2022

Emmanuel Macron is turning heads and making a stand giving the EAU 17 billion in funds.  The President of France is making waves and paving the way for global climate change, global economics, and  world peace. Emmanuel Macron has big plans for Europe! Can he be the Little Horn that rises? Well his fate is soon to be disclosed as elections are in a few months. He is very busy traveling around the globe, making deals, and making a huge mark with in the world. His vision is to help Lebanon, South Africa, and reunite Europe into a vast army bringing all of Europe together again... Emmanuel Macron is someone that you should watch as he rises up in power in these last days. Macron's ambitions don't come at an easy price, he has to win the election coming in a few months and keep his presidency to qualify for becoming the leader of Europe.  He is definitely moving forward and paving the way and making a global impact among nations!

 LCM- opinion

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Texas Governor Abbott Is Getting President Biden's Attention!


Texas Governor Abbott is busy trying to help Texas in several ways.  He has started sending immigrants from our Texas Border to Washington DC.  Today the 3rd bus arrived with a bus load of immigrants to let the President of The United States know that we need him to step up and help with the Texas border crisis.  He is also helping those that have lost everything to tornadoes that have ripped through some of the cities.  There were several miracles that happened during the traumatic storms that just ran through Bell County, Texas.  A church was completely destroyed but the cross remains.  Some believe it is God trying to reach those that have fallen away from the faith to let them know that God still exist and is still on the throne.  There was another incident where a hundred year old lady was picked up by her 75 year old daughter for lunch.  When they got to the house the tornado hit and the daughter fell on top of the mother to protect her from any debris that may have fallen through the storm.  When the daughter got up she noticed that the entire house was gone but her and her mother remained in tact on the floor untouched.   Governor Abbott said quote, " We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair. " 2 Cor 4:8.  I am so thankful to have a governor that knows God and can quote scripture!   May he continue to bless Texas and stay in office for years to come.  LCM-Jackson  


American Petrodollar Dominance At Risk? U.S. Economy Would Be Devastated

March 21,2022

The economic sanctions that have been imposed upon Russia have caused immense damage, but a loss of the petrodollar would be absolutely devastating for the U.S. economy.  Since making an agreement with the Nixon administration in 1974, the Saudis have traded oil exclusively for U.S. dollars.  

Today, approximately 80 percent of all oil produced in the entire world is traded for dollars, and the "petrodollar" has become one of the foundational pillars of the current global financial system.  

Most Americans don't realize this, but far more dollars are actually used outside of the United States than inside the United States, and having the reserve currency of the world is a massive advantage for us.  

Up to this point, there has been an insatiable demand for U.S. dollars all over the planet, and that has allowed us to enjoy a standard of living that is way above what we actually deserve.

Unfortunately, all of that could be about to change.  As I have stated many times over the past year, Joe Biden is surrounded by the worst foreign policy team in U.S. history, and that is really saying something.

Thanks to this catastrophically bad foreign policy team, our relations with both Saudi Arabia and China have greatly deteriorated, and this has resulted in them developing closer relations with one another.  In fact, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that it looks like the Saudis could soon start pricing the oil that it sells to China in Chinese currency...

The U.S. dollar may be on its way out as the global reserve currency.

Saudi Arabia is actively engaging in negotiations with Chinese officials to price oil sales to China in yuan instead of the U.S. dollar, the Wall Street Journal reported.

If the two countries decide to conduct business using the Chinese yuan instead of the U.S. dollar, this could mean trouble for America's dominance as the global economic hegemon.

This would be a tremendous blow to the U.S., and the Saudis know it.

So perhaps Biden should not have called Saudi Arabia a "pariah", and perhaps his foreign policy team should not have angered the Saudis multiple times over the past 12 months.

Meanwhile, the Chinese still understand the art of diplomacy, and they are reportedly offering "everything you could possibly imagine" for the Saudis to make this move...

"The dynamics have dramatically changed. The U.S. relationship with the Saudis has changed, China is the world's biggest crude importer and they are offering many lucrative incentives to the kingdom," said a Saudi official familiar with the talks.

"China has been offering everything you could possibly imagine to the kingdom," the official said.



Putin Calls Middle East For Help!  16,000 Volunteer!

March 12, 2022

Putin has called the Middle East to step up and help him fight and win over Ukraine.  This is prophecy coming through the pages of the Bible!  Never before have we seen these alliances come together but you can witness it all happen if you just open your eyes to what is going on today!  Along with these three countries getting together and doing Naval drills since 2019, 16,000 troops have stepped up to help him fight todays war with Ukraine. Is this the beginning of what is to come in the future? We all need to wake up and smell the coffee!  LCM-sjackson


Is God Setting Up The Stage For The Ezekiel 38 and 39 War?

March 10, 2022

With Russia being tortured with all of Nato's sanctions will this cause other nations to starve and look to the Holy Land for Oil and Food?  Only time will tell what will happen.  Please be in prayer for Israel.   (Opinion) LCM- SJackson


Missing Trump with America's Gas Prices Soaring!  

March 10, 2022

So much has happened already the three months in 2022.  War in Ukraine continues to soar as Russia continues to over take this democracy and over run it back into a communistic one!  Please be in prayer for the Ukrainians as they are faced with moving and losing everything that they have known and for some that have grown up too their whole lives.  Please pray for the Jews that are living there that they will receive a safe passage back to their homeland.   Along with the US bound by NATO and Klaus Schwab views of the Great Reset, Americans are being forced to not produce its own oil with the result of our government pushing their agenda for Americans to buy Electric cars and move into solar energy.  Climate change is the result of American's having to suffer the consequences of our governments decisions to try to usher in the great reset along with climate change.  This is not just in America it is also with the European Union as well, NATO and all of the countries that support NATO and the G7 group that are coming together and making all of these decisions for the future of our nation!  Please be in prayer for our President to over turn this decision and allow American's to produce its own oil for the sake of our economy and future food supplies.  (opinion) LCM- Sjackson


Donald Trump Jr. Accuses Biden of Abetting Child Sex Trafficking From Afghanistan!!


When I saw this headline in the news my mouth dropped open in unbelief. How is this prophetic and a part of the Last Days?  It is written in the Bible in the book of Joel 3:3  And they have given the boys for prostitutes and the girls for wine that they may drink.   This is clearly an end time sign.  I believe that it will be a global issue.  Can our US President be involved in condoning such acts?

   Donald Trump Jr. was seen in a tweet accusing the US President of aiding and abetting child sex trafficking.  It is suggested that the US admin has mysterious planes carrying young women and children being transferred to other US cities from Afghanistan.  These mysterious planes are carrying men that are allegedly entrapping young women and children and are trafficking them whom are from Afghanistan.  The US Senator Ted Cruz is demanding answers after secretary of State Antony Blinken confirmed before the Senate Foreign Relations Committe Quote, "The Biden Admin is helping facilitate the transport of Afghan men trafficking child brides and other sexual abusers into the US as a part of President Biden's botched withdrawal from Afghanistan."  You will find this in a letter Blinken wrote on Sept 14 confirming where it had been witnessed and over looked.  Here is the Letter that was written and posted on Ted Cruz's Webpage Newsweek. 

September 23, 2021

President Joseph R. Biden
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20500

President Biden:

We write regarding credible reports that your administration's withdrawal from Afghanistan facilitated the transport and trafficking of child brides and other Afghan girls subject to sexual abuse by Afghan men. We are deeply concerned that your withdrawal has imported an acute human rights crisis to our country, in part because you and your administration appear to have been wholly unprepared for the scope and nature of the operation.

The Associated Press reported on the basis of internal Department of State documents they obtained that "U.S. officials at intake centers in the United Arab Emirates and in Wisconsin have identified numerous incidents in which Afghan girls have been presented to authorities as the "wives" of much older men." Yahoo News subsequently reported on the basis of internal Department of Homeland Security documents they obtained that the dynamic suggested "desperate families trying to find ways to get their children out of the country" who were exploited by Afghan men to coerce marriages and sexually abuse girls. Some of these Afghan men reportedly exploited the withdrawal process itself - and more specifically their access to the United States - to facilitate their abuse.

On September 14, Secretary Blinken confirmed in testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations that there have been cases where administration officials have witnessed and separated over concerns related to such abuse and trafficking, and that he was personally aware of a "handful" of them.

These reports about trafficking and the horrific treatment of Afghan girls are in addition to reports that an Afghan male convicted of rape who had previously been deported was brought back during the evacuation. Such failures are why a group of Senators are demanding answers about what steps are being taken to vet individuals evacuated from Afghanistan.

Child marriage, sexual abuse, and domestic abuse are widespread in Afghanistan but illegal in the United States, but your administration has had no policy for dealing with these issues: the State Department requested "urgent guidance" but as late as August 27 had not received it. In any case the United States has a moral obligation to ensure that our foreign policy is not complicit in human trafficking, sexual slavery, and abuse. But just as with the crisis at the southern border, where your policies continue to abet documented instances of human trafficking and sexual abuse, your chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan appears to have facilitated horrific abuses.

It is imperative that the Department of Defense, the Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) investigate whether and to what extent these reported incidents of child trafficking from Afghanistan are occurring and to provide a full public accounting of the United States' role in evacuating offenders.

Want to see the real signed letter?  Follow this link:

Jason Lemon: Newsweek Article


 Alliances Coming Together As Tensions Rise!


Tensions have been rising between Russia and Ukraine since Ukraine broke away from the Soviet Union in Aug 1991.  (according to I news) Putin is claiming that Ukraine belongs to Russia and is Russian land.  An article written by Jamie Dettmer in April 2021 said that a man by the name of Zelenskiy has been withholding oil and money from Russia and he has been accused of stealing.  According to News Week it is suggested that the United States and NATO are sending Ukraine weapons.  Ukraine is known to be one of the countries that has nuclear weapons and with Russia putting nuclear missiles along the border this can easily escalade into a messy nuclear war!   What is alarming though is that Russia, China, and Iran are forming an alliance.  These three countries have had 3 naval drills since 2019 together.  The United States is getting involved because Europe has been one of our allies for decades not to mention they are all tied to the G7.  France and Germany are both G7 representatives.  Together they talk about Covid 19 restrictions and guidelines along with Climate Change and President Biden's Build Back Better Plan with ties running billions deep.  Iran is still very upset about the death of their head commander and wants revenge.  China has recently cut off all shipments to the United States.  This could very well be all out war.  By Russia overtaking Ukraine this will put Putin in a position to cripple Europe's economy with high gas and oil prices.  Europe will be at Putin's mercy.  The EU Consist of over 26 countries.  This is a lot of ground to starve and put into hunger.  Can Macron lead the EU into a vast army to help fight and keep Ukraine's overtaking?  Will the United States help them?  Only time will tell!  We are watching Biblical Prophecy coming into fruition right before our eyes.  Never before have these countries come together and it is written that Russia, China, and Iran, along with other countries  will come together to attempt to overtake Israel in Ezekiel 38-39.  We need to start looking up because our redemption is drawing near!  LCM-S.Jackson


Tornadoes Devastate 8 States in the US

December 17, 2021

 According to the New York Times:  The storms that hit 8 states devastated its way all the way up the fault line, dark and immense funnel clouds that roared across the nighttime landscape obliterated homes, churches and businesses, set buildings on fire and knocked a train with 28 empty rail cars from its tracks, leaving unearthly scenes of destruction.

In Mayfield, among the hardest-hit communities, the center of town had become a perilous maze of downed utility lines, dangling tree limbs and scattered debris. Jesse Perry, the judge executive in Graves County, which includes Mayfield, said local officials were “in the trenches, trying to find people.”  

LCM- opinion 

Isn't it a coincidence that these tornadoes all hit the spot on the US map that will experience a total eclipse in 2024?  Prophetically I believe that we were warned of this up and coming devastation.  We had a blood moon, to warn us of coming disaster.  Some of these states were completely devastated.  If you grew up in some of these towns there is nothing left of your memory.  The majority of the structures that were in place have been removed leaving nothing but debris.  Prayers are going out to those that have lost everything, including family members during this holiday season of 2021.  We can clearly see that birth pangs are getting stronger and stronger.  Prophetically we are in the 3 trimester of birth pangs.  I can only pray for what is to come in 2024.  Only God knows what destruction will take place.  Will it be more destruction?  Or will it be a sign of a country that will be divided?  Only time will tell what is to happen.  LCM grieves for the families and gives condolences to those that have lost so much.

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Men Competing In Sports As Women!

December 17, 2021

How did we get here?   Transgenderism has caused such a huge predicament.  How can American's allow our schools to confuse the next up and coming generations about gender! Now we have a big mess on our hands, here is a prime example of the results:  We have trans gender men competing in female sports and winning.    
Thank God this is being over turned  The 2020 Summer Olympics, delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, were held in summer 2021. According to Outsports, the Tokyo Olympics had at least 185 publicly out LGBTQ athletes, a record number with more out athletes than all of the past Summer and Winter Olympics combined so the results were the OCI has decided to create their own group to compete in by testing testosterone levels and grouping them accordingly.  This is not just an American Issue it is a global issue.
LCM- opinion


October 8, 2021


October 8, 2021


The president of the United States is having a hard time convincing the US to go along with this Build Back Better Plan.  He has even gone as far as trying to convince congress that it will cost them 0 to do this Trillion Dollar deal.  Americans are getting fed up with high prices, inflation, and crippling the US dollar with debt that is rising at an alarming rate. While the President Biden Admin is trying to coerce congress the American public is realizing that this bill will come out of all of the hard working American's Pockets with higher taxes and inflation that is evolving at a alarming rate.  Let's hope and pray as a Nation that this bill does not come into affect for the sake of our freedoms and liberties that we have grown to appreciate and admire as being American's.  This BBB plan will inform the IRS of any spending that will withdraw more than 600.00 out of a US account.  It will also federally fund abortion for those that can not afford it, and federally fund child day care for mothers that are hindered from going back to work to support such laws and legislation just to name a few of the underlying details of this Bill.  

July 15, 2021

  The 7 countries that make up this global group are Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, and the US!  The G7 known as the G8 was set up in 1975 and it was originally designed to bring together the worlds leading industrial nations.  It has evolved into a platform of discussion consulting the inclusion and solidarity of developing rules that ensure sustainable cooperation between nations.  This platform discusses Global Challenges that we face today!  This group of 7 compliments the role of the G20.

     Just what is the G20 ?

The G20 are 20 Nations and Central Bank Governors that have come together birthed in 1999, to establish economic coordination (according to the EU Web Page).  This groups mission is to establish economic policy to the promotion of international stability.  The following Nations include Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, S. Africa, S. Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom, European Union, and the United States Of America.

For full details of the G7 Summit 2021 you can find on the following link

 Briefly I will list 4 things that came out of this meeting :  The Global Agenda, Climate change, Green New Deals, How to Build Back Better after the Global Pandemic, And How to Save The Planet.  I encourage you to click on the following link for more information to what was discussed.  


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Do not go to San Francisco!

June 28, 2021

According to Video's on You-Tube people in San Francisco are no longer prosecuted for stealing or shoplifting for over 6 years now.  This has resulted in people just going into stores and taking what ever they want!  Business are having a hard time surviving and those who love America, work everyday, and pay their taxes are being succumb to all of this!  How can we as Americans allow such lawlessness.  I believe if we were to take away all welfare benefits of those that steal and are caught shop lifting and just maybe start up holding our justice and police department by giving them free benefits or the money we as Americans would save taking away their Medicaid, food stamps,  Tanif, section 8, and free housing and give it to our Police, and Justice Department!  Maybe just maybe we can get a hold of this great nation and preserve it to what our founding fathers dreamed it would be and become! 
It is also written in the Last Days there will be lawlessness.  We see it in 2 Timothy 3: 1-5  which states:  But mark this, There will be terrible times in the last days.  People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, without Love, unforgiving, slanderers , without self control, brutal, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God- having a form of Godliness but denying the power there of.  
This is a prime example of lawlessness at his best!

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With Tensions On The Rise in The Gaza Strip Can this Rise As The Ez 38 and 39 War?


Here is a clip from Spain.  The rise of tensions mount as Muslims in 
Spain protest against The Jews in this fight! LCM


The Great Reset

July 12, 2025

Keep informed of the Elites agenda for this Great Reset of the Economy.  You can do this by going to their web page and reading up on their latest articles and agenda! LCM


LGBTQ Targeting Your Children Once Again!  They Are Being Asked To Choose Their Gender On New Kellog's Pride Cereal!!

My 24, 2021

In what is perhaps the most unappetizing headline of 2021, the Weekly Metro announced that "Kellogg's new LGBTQ cereal wants to fill your mouth with pride," because everything must be gay now and the virtue must be signaled. 

Big Business has realized that there is a lot of money in wrapping yourself in the rainbow flag, and so as "Pride Month" (yes, an entire month) grows closer, corporate social media avatars, ATMs, and business signs will suddenly be bedecked in rainbows. 

Kellogg's, which has traditionally been known for its cartoon animals, is partnering with GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) to release a new cereal called "Together With Pride," which will hit the shelves next month and cost $4 per purple box -- $3 of which will go to GLAAD. 

The cereal itself will feature rainbow-colored cereal in the shape of hearts and edible glitter. Kellogg's, which has partnered with GLAAD at least once previously, has featured nearly all of its famous cartoon characters on the box.

"We believe that all young people and those young at heart deserve an environment where they can grow up to be their best selves," the caption on the box reads. "That's why we've joined forces with GLAAD by going purple on Spirit Day to stand up against bullying in all forms, and support a more accepting world for LGBTQ youth." 

It goes without saying that this sort of publicity stunt also allows Kellogg's to pose as being on The Right Side of History as opposed to merely a breakfast cereal -- and it is important, apparently, for children to think deeply about gay issues at breakfast.

In fact, Kellogg's went above and beyond to ensure that your kids can go woke just after waking. On the side of the box, children are asked to choose their pronouns, with options like "he/him," "she/her," and "they/them," which, if you haven't been keeping up, isn't plural so much as "nonbinary" or just bewildered. 

There are also some helpful blanks spaces in case you want to fill in your own, because at this stage in the revolution we're just making stuff up and everyone has to go along with it. (I'm not kidding. One clever teen chose "His Majesty" as his preferred pronoun.) 

Article By: Jonathon Van Maren

LCM Opinion- If this doesn't make you mad I don't know what will as a parent who faces this crises today!  All I can do is pray that America will stand up and speak about what is right in the sight of God and help save our youth and future generations from this pandemic that is crippling America's youth!!  

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Biden Admin is Siding With Hamas!!


According to an Article by : Caroline Glick PNN she has stated that the Biden Administration does not agree with the Abrahamic Accord that was set up by the US Previous administration.  She also stated that the 735 million dollar missal package that the US was going to send to Israel has been put on hold by the democratic party.
LCM Opinion- Does this get any worse?  Can Americans rise above all of this?


Copenhagen is Preparing For The Mark Of The Beast System

May 29, 2021

LCM (opinion)-According to Pastor Paul Begley on his You Tube Channel he has stated that according to the Drudge Report Copenhagen has put in place a barcode that you receive after you take all of your vaccines.  Covid 19 has birthed this to come into effect, once you receive the covid vaccine you will receive a bar code that will allow you to travel, eat at restaurants, bars, even get a haircut.  You cannot buy any of these things or travel with out it. It seems like what John Saw in the Book of Revelation is pretty accurate! This is prophetic news!!  John saw the future technology that would unite the world economics.  Can we assume this is the beginning of something more broad? Let's keep an eye on Europe and see what all happens with this technology! Let's not forget Sweden has also implemented being chipped in some work places.  We can assume all of this technology will come together in the future just like the bible has foretold us! How can the atheist say the bible is not accurate?  The atheist simply can't deny what we are seeing, this is prophecy coming off the pages of scripture!  Give your life to Christ!! His signs are everywhere that he is coming soon! 


Trump Says He Doesn't Like Bitcoin! 

June 9,2021

LCM ( opinion) Trump calls Bitcoin and Crypto Currency a threat to the dollar.  He suggests it is for the use of buying illegal drugs.  We need a president that will say no to the great reset.  I believe this president would stand for keeping the American dollar and not bow down to this up and coming global reset.


Is War Getting Ready To Start With China!! 

June 16, 2021

According to CNN News The US is sending dozens of F22 fighter Jets to the Pacific amid tensions with China!!  LCM 


150+People Die With Massive Flooding All Through Out Europe!! 


Homes are shown floating down the roads as massive flooding is taking place all throughout Europe according to DW News.  Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands have been hit extremely hard along with other close towns nearby.LCM


Some Say War With China Unstoppable

Sept 20,2021

As China starts getting closer and closer to our borders in Alaska and alarming our Navy Ships, is war with China unstoppable? Not only do we have trade at an all time high with crates that used to ship out of China have doubled in price, but we also have the threat of China's new policies of monitoring people through their behavior with their point system.  According to an Article on PNW China wants to be the center of attention when it comes to Technology among other things.  According to the Bible China will join alliances with other countries to accomplish this task of winning this war.  China knows our military is so much bigger and bolder.  They will need to join forces with other countries to win. Is WW3 on the horizon? Only time will tell

Girls Carrying a Recycling Bin

Lessons Learned: The Key to Non-Profit Program Evaluation

January 22, 2025

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