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The Great Reset


Keep informed of the Elites agenda for this Great Reset of the Economy.  You can do this by going to their web page and reading up on their latest articles and agenda! LCM

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US Deciding What Laws Should Be Passed Over Crypto Currency!

US Congress 8/2021

With over 136 million people using Cryptocurrency around the globe the Us is considering passing laws that will bind brokers to give information of names and transactions over to the IRS for tax purposes.  Ted Cruz suggested that Texas is in fact helping to lead the way as a major hub for Crypto currency businesses.  The average broker makes 136,000 a yr.  Which is stirring up the economy and is a good income for a growing family.  This law that is being discussed would in fact cause the Brokers to collect more information on cryptocurrency consumers and report this information to the US Government.  Cruz defends the system by accusing over 100 senators that they don't even know what they are dealing with and have not even been briefed on what all cryptocurrency is to be passing such laws.  He suggests that they be informed of what in fact this technology is and how it can effect millions of people by passing such laws.  He suggested that we should not regulate something we do not completely understand .  He went on to suggest that congress be informed before making such decisions.

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Military To Receive 50 Billion Dollars If Crypto Bill is passed.

LCM- Opinion

I believe that Cruz is wrong in this decision. (In supporting Crypto Brokers) I believe that is what the US can do to help regulate the whole thing and not give other nations all of the benefits this currency has to offer.  If the US were to pass a law that sanctions Brokers to give information on transactions it would help the government regulate illegal activity that takes place between nations.  It would also give the US more information as to what all is happening on a global scale.  Cruz isn't completely wrong suggesting that congress learn more about this currency before passing laws that bind US citizens to complying with the IRS.  By congress learning more and being briefed on the system would benefit everyone involved however, after hearing the briefing congress is also putting in this law along with our US Military receiving 50 Billion Dollars.  I believe this is a good law that congress is trying to pass especially if it helps our military!  Let's pray that Congress will make the right decisions on this matter! 

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At The Latest GR Meeting 2023
The Goal was to Build digital dictatorship, hacking organisms, and Elites will have the power to Re-engineer 



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