This month the Evangelical Lutheran Church Teaching False Doctrine and Promoting LGBTQ Pastors

PNW News Article:

This month the Evangelical Lutheran Church celebrated it's newly formed Westview Lutheran Church in Boulder, Colorado. At the head of that new church is the nations first transgender Latina pastor Nicole Garcia.

Nicole is part of a growing number of LGBT clergy that has infiltrated the leadership of churches that have bowed down the altar of moral relativism.

Instead of provided clear Biblical answers to the cultural chaos, such churches have fallen in league with it by aligning the Gospel message to conform with a progressive message where feelings are emphasized over scriptural facts, essential Christian doctrines are open for interpretation, historical terms are redefined, and the heart of the Christian message shifts from sin and redemption to social justice.

One of Nicole's main goals and others like her is to push an agenda of LGBT acceptance in the church. Nicole began working with an organization called Reconciling in Christ several years before her ordination, which works toward full acceptance of the LGBTQ community within the Lutheran denomination.

LCM- it is written in the last days that people will tickle their ears and twist the word to say and mean what they want it to say. This is a prime example of the End Times being upon us and blasphemy of The Holy Scriptures and Holy Bible as we know it!

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