Israel in embarking on war as they head to the ground with troops in the Gaza Strip!

LCM(opinion)What does this mean? For a lot of those that keep watch on the prophetic End Time Events we have been waiting on the Ezekiel 38 and 39 war. Is this the fight that will bring this about. Let's go to Ezekiel 38 and 39 and see what all has to take place for this to happen:

At the beginning of Ez: 38 The prophet suggests to set your face towards Gog of the land magog. Basically what Ezekiel is saying here is that all of the nation's surrounding Israel will come against her. They will surround Israel on the Northern mountains bordering Gog.. Just who is Gog? GREAT QUESTION! Gog has been considered several different things but according to a great man of study Perry Stone whom I personally believe is a prophet and devout preacher and teacher of the word of God suggests that it could very well be a prince chief principality that will convince these armies to rally up and come together to fight for the spoils of Israel. This can very well be possible considering in Daniel 10, Daniel mentions how his prayers were hindered by the prince of Persia! Which is the head principality, Angel, or demon which ever you want to call him hindered Daniel's prayers getting to God our father. Just whom can we expect to rally together in this fight if in fact this is becomes the 38 and 39 war? Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Ethiopia, Sudan, Libya, Germany, Turkey, Russia . Let us pray for Israel, and pray that this does not happen. So many things happen in this war. Famine, earthquakes, God's wrath will be poured out along with possibly an EMP that could destroy all internet, and impact the electrical grid to bring the armies back to old ways of transportation. This war is no game, or laughing matter. It will be intense and many people will die.

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