Is This The Beginning Of the Ezekiel 38 and 39 War?

According to a video that can be seen on You

Tube on TBN dated March 15, 2021 Pastor John Hagee predicts quite a bit. Pastor Hagee knew this was coming and wrote a book about some underlining key factors of this war. He knew after the 4th Blood Moon accrued and the eclipse that went over America he said quote, " Were warnings of what we see in Matt 24:1-15" and that in fact these are signs of the Heavens. What intrigued me most about this clip is what all he said. He spoke like a true prophet of God! He suggested that both Russia and Iran are backing Hezbollah, and Hamas. He stated how many rockets they had and how they are waiting to deploy them. Here in the US, we are giving Iran money and undermining all that Trump did. ( opinion) LCM.

Trump went and talked to all of the Arab leaders while on the mission to start this peace treaty known as the Abrahamic Accord and explained that peace is way better for growth and prosperity in the middle east. How their children and children's children can prosper and how their nations can prosper with peace. However, now that President Trump is gone our new admin (Biden) this crazy left is re-opening up the Nucleur deal that was originally set on the table I believe gives both Hezbollah and Hamas what they need to start this whole war.

Pastor Hagee suggested that there will be several things that happen during this war.

  1. That the nations that come together to fight on the ground would be swallowed up. That God would supernaturally open up the ground and swallow a big portion of the armies. ( as done in the cannon written as history)

  2. Because of the different languages that will be coming together during this war God himself will confuse them and they will turn on eachother which has also happened in cannon history. Hagee suggested that God will do this because God gets the glory, he demonstrates his sovereign power so that every man will know that he is the almighty God that has all power and authority!

I encourage you to go and check out the video, Hagees book on the 4 blood moons and read up on what this man of God has to say about this matter.

LCM Life Change Ministry.

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